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Industry/Sector: Finance, Blockchain, Social Networks, Fintech
Our involvement: Project Management, Backend development
Technologies: .NET Core, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, RabbitMQ, Node.js, Web3.js, Blockchain, Docker, Kubernetes

Our client operates an ecosystem of platforms in the Social Networking and Fintech sector, based on an Ethereum blockchain with more than 2 million active users. With such a massive active user base and heavy-load operations, the entire technical solutions required near perfect performance, along with uncompromising security and quality control.

Our involvement comes with a full ownership over the backend development of the core platform, allowing seamless integration and extension of multiple supplementing applications. Using a microservices architecture, the whole core platform is designed around scaling flexibility, allowing for rapid additions, extensions and changes throughout the products’ life-cycle, years after the initial technical design and core implementation

A social network experience

The core structure of the whole ecosystem. The huge user base is structured in a relationship model, which follows a complex requirement for managing, retrieving and mapping subsets of nodes, used in various functions of the whole ecosystem. Performance and stability is a key factor for the overall functioning of the business itself.

Fintech enabled

We delivered all needed functionalities and data structure to supplement blockchain operations in an Ethereum node, ensuring security, traceability, data integrity and high system performance.

As a core system, our solution is flexible enough to empower a range of independent applications, relying on a stable basis!