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Industry/Sector: Customer Experience, Social Media
Our involvement: Product Management, Backend and frontend development, UI/UX Design
Technologies: React.js, Redux, Node.js/express.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, Socket.io, Jenkins

Holler.live Analytics Dashboard Case Study

Holler.live is a customer experience application, evaluating customers opinion on a set of topics by a rating system, followed by a dynamic questionnaires as a set of questions scenarios. The application is used in different media channels, such as mobile, desktop, TV and paper distributions.

We designed and developed an end-to-end analytics back-office application, enabling each business owner to break down and track their customers’ voting data, questionnaire results and demographics, along with content management modules and users & organization management for the whole application.

The system is split into two major sections – a client content management with data analytics dashboard and a users & organizations management

The analytics dashboard provides an overview of all active topics for the organization, in a structure, where the business owner can easily get a glance of the overall ratings and voters movement.

A powerful data analytics

The topic voters data analytics is the core of the whole platform. This is the space, where a business owner will analyze voters sentiments and application uses, can follow incoming votes in real time, break down votes by periods, volume and demographics.

Along with the voting data, the user has access to a Questionnaire analysis, with answers median and aggregations, vote score groups and demographics.

A Topics Builder

The system enables organization content creators to create and set up topics as a part of a user journey, so they can narrow down user opinion in the most suitable way for each scenario. Each topic can contain it’s own questionnaire, with dynamic questions structure, based on vote score groups.

Organizations & Users Management

The platform has it’s own users & organizations management, supporting different user roles, which define the level of user access and functions permissions throughout each organization.

We are proud to say, that our solution empowered holler.live to integrate with major enterprise organizations in the banking, commerce and media industry, enabling these clients to better understand their customers!