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Industry/Sector: Customer Experience, Social Media
Our involvement: UI/UX design exploration

Holler.live mobile app redesign case study

Holler.live is a customer experience application, evaluating customers opinion on a set of topics by a rating system, followed by a dynamic questionnaires as a set of questions scenarios. The application is used in different media channels, such as mobile, desktop, TV and paper distributions.

Our initiative to redesign the holler.live mobile app took us back to the drawing board, where we we started from the main concept, which the app should follow – provide a personal, conversational user journey experience.

The onboarding entry point

Starting from the onboarding journey, the UI is meant to follow a “first give, than require” concept – give a narrowed down topics by user interests, which sets the personal experience at the very beginning, while guiding the user to the main data objective of the app – the vote and opinion through a questionnaire.

The topic vote entry point

Either through the onboarding entry point, or through a direct topic landing, the voting scene is the core application screen. Slide with your finger, and you are done, knowing that you can always come back for more!

A vote based questionnaire

The questionnaire is then guiding the user in questions scenarios based on the actual vote and each given answer. No questionnaire can be the same! Nothing in the application is mandatory, so the journey can end whenever the user wants to.

Go down the voting rabbit hole!

With our developed recommendation engine, each topic owner has the ability to define a topics path, which will navigate the voter through a chain of topics to vote on and thus, narrow down the voter’s opinions in a parent-child relations, crucial for understanding each customer experience within a whole organization.

While voting on topics, the application is designed to learn each voter’s interests as a way to give the user as many topics to vote as possible in predefined user journeys.