Our Projects /

Industry/Sector: Fintech, Social Networks, Blockchain
Our involvement: Project Management, Backend development
Technologies: Node.js, Express.js, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes

Our client operates an ecosystem of platforms in the Social Networking and Fintech sector, based on an Ethereum blockchain with more than 2 million active users.

One of the platforms is an E-Learning video platform, which aims to provide online learning courses for it’s users, with questionnaires and a reward system, which includes a rating and users leaderboard module.

Our involvement comes with a full ownership over the backend development of the platform, ensuring it is integrated with the core platform in the ecosystem.

The architecture of the platform had to enable rapid development with enough flexibility to be able to arrive at MVP quickly, but not at the expense of stability and long-time usage.

A structured course management

The platform provides a tailor made course structure with categories management. All courses come with a fine-grain configurations of videos, lessons types, ordering and questionnaire setup, which aims to give the content creators freedom to set up a knowledge experience used by over 2 million users from different countries and thus, the platform also provides multi-language support.

A rewarding learning

Along with the core e-learning functionality, following the core ecosystem aim, the e-learning platform provides a ranking system, which is used in a social network experience, with a leaderboard and a configurable rewarding system.

A learning journey

The platform has it’s own recommendation system, which enables the course managers to configure a learning path, based on a set of criteria rules depending on the content categories, user progress and courses availability

At the end, a simple e-learning MVP has grown into a usable platform, integrated into a large scale ecosystem, providing even more value to each user!