Customer experience mobile app a customer experience application, evaluating customers opinion with a rating system and a questionnaire module.

Industry/Sector: Customer Experience, Social Media
Our involvement: UI/UX design exploration mobile app redesign case study is a customer experience application, evaluating customers opinion on a set of topics by a rating system, followed by a dynamic questionnaires as a set of questions scenarios. The application is used in different media channels, such as mobile, desktop, TV and paper distributions.

Our initiative to redesign the mobile app took us back to the drawing board, where we we started from the main concept, which the app should follow – provide a personal, conversational user journey experience.

The onboarding entry point

Starting from the onboarding journey, the UI is meant to follow a “first give, than require” concept – give a narrowed down topics by user interests, which sets the personal experience at the very beginning, while guiding the user to the main data objective of the app – the vote and opinion through a questionnaire.

The topic vote entry point

Either through the onboarding entry point, or through a direct topic landing, the voting scene is the core application screen. Slide with your finger, and you are done, knowing that you can always come back for more!

A vote based questionnaire

The questionnaire is then guiding the user in questions scenarios based on the actual vote and each given answer. No questionnaire can be the same! Nothing in the application is mandatory, so the journey can end whenever the user wants to.

Go down the voting rabbit hole!

With our developed recommendation engine, each topic owner has the ability to define a topics path, which will navigate the voter through a chain of topics to vote on and thus, narrow down the voter’s opinions in a parent-child relations, crucial for understanding each customer experience within a whole organization.

While voting on topics, the application is designed to learn each voter’s interests as a way to give the user as many topics to vote as possible in predefined user journeys.

Customer experience analytics dashboard

An end-to-end analytics & content management back-office application

Industry/Sector: Customer Experience, Social Media
Our involvement: Product Management, Backend and frontend development, UI/UX Design
Technologies: React.js, Redux, Node.js/express.js, PostgreSQL, Redis,, Jenkins Analytics Dashboard Case Study is a customer experience application, evaluating customers opinion on a set of topics by a rating system, followed by a dynamic questionnaires as a set of questions scenarios. The application is used in different media channels, such as mobile, desktop, TV and paper distributions.

We designed and developed an end-to-end analytics back-office application, enabling each business owner to break down and track their customers’ voting data, questionnaire results and demographics, along with content management modules and users & organization management for the whole application.

The system is split into two major sections – a client content management with data analytics dashboard and a users & organizations management

The analytics dashboard provides an overview of all active topics for the organization, in a structure, where the business owner can easily get a glance of the overall ratings and voters movement.

A powerful data analytics

The topic voters data analytics is the core of the whole platform. This is the space, where a business owner will analyze voters sentiments and application uses, can follow incoming votes in real time, break down votes by periods, volume and demographics.

Along with the voting data, the user has access to a Questionnaire analysis, with answers median and aggregations, vote score groups and demographics.

A Topics Builder

The system enables organization content creators to create and set up topics as a part of a user journey, so they can narrow down user opinion in the most suitable way for each scenario. Each topic can contain it’s own questionnaire, with dynamic questions structure, based on vote score groups.

Organizations & Users Management

The platform has it’s own users & organizations management, supporting different user roles, which define the level of user access and functions permissions throughout each organization.

We are proud to say, that our solution empowered to integrate with major enterprise organizations in the banking, commerce and media industry, enabling these clients to better understand their customers!

Automated tax declaration application

A standalone SaaS solution, integrated with the Odoo ERP platform

Industry/Sector: Accounting, ERP
Our involvement: Integration, Backend and frontend development, UI/UX Design
Technologies: Vue.js, Python/Flask, MongoDB

Design and development of a standalone SaaS solution, integrated with the Odoo ERP platform which aims to automate invoicing management and declaration process for accountant experts.

Working with a certified, official Odoo ERP platform partner and a power user, we tackled a particular problem, related with invoicing management and declarations submission to tax authorities, by designing and implementing an automated solution to generate all needed information in downloadable files following file and content requirements on a monthly basis. This saved manual management of hundreds of records, while introducing data error and mismatching handling.

A clear, clutter-free entry point

The app is intended to be used by experts with different technology experience, which required the user interface to be as simple and clean as possible. We followed a principle to lead the user into a basic step-by-step wizard like experience, which solves not only the usability issue, but also any initial latency with retrieving complex data from the external data set API provider by narrowing down the needed data set with data filtering.

Grids.. grids everywhere!

As the core UI component of the application, and from experience with different grid systems in react, vue and other front end frameworks, we decided that we will build and grow a custom grid system, so we have full control over the functionality and look & feel.

File generation and processing

The final aim of the application is to help users prepare the needed data in order generate an output file with a standardized structure for automatic reading and approval. The app also supports importing external data files with a predefined structure, which would be then processed and converted in the same standardized file output. All file processing is done in our python based API service.

The app is already used by experts to eliminate the tedious process of manually preparing required tax declaration documents, with verifying and managing data without the hustle of handling back and forward numerous submission attempts.

E-Learning platform

An E-Learning video platform with tests, ranking and rewards system

Industry/Sector: Fintech, Social Networks, Blockchain
Our involvement: Project Management, Backend development
Technologies: Node.js, Express.js, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes

Our client operates an ecosystem of platforms in the Social Networking and Fintech sector, based on an Ethereum blockchain with more than 2 million active users.

One of the platforms is an E-Learning video platform, which aims to provide online learning courses for it’s users, with questionnaires and a reward system, which includes a rating and users leaderboard module.

Our involvement comes with a full ownership over the backend development of the platform, ensuring it is integrated with the core platform in the ecosystem.

The architecture of the platform had to enable rapid development with enough flexibility to be able to arrive at MVP quickly, but not at the expense of stability and long-time usage.

A structured course management

The platform provides a tailor made course structure with categories management. All courses come with a fine-grain configurations of videos, lessons types, ordering and questionnaire setup, which aims to give the content creators freedom to set up a knowledge experience used by over 2 million users from different countries and thus, the platform also provides multi-language support.

A rewarding learning

Along with the core e-learning functionality, following the core ecosystem aim, the e-learning platform provides a ranking system, which is used in a social network experience, with a leaderboard and a configurable rewarding system.

A learning journey

The platform has it’s own recommendation system, which enables the course managers to configure a learning path, based on a set of criteria rules depending on the content categories, user progress and courses availability

At the end, a simple e-learning MVP has grown into a usable platform, integrated into a large scale ecosystem, providing even more value to each user!

Blockchain social fintech platform

Backend development of a core social network platform in a fintech ecosystem

Industry/Sector: Finance, Blockchain, Social Networks, Fintech
Our involvement: Project Management, Backend development
Technologies: .NET Core, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, RabbitMQ, Node.js, Web3.js, Blockchain, Docker, Kubernetes

Our client operates an ecosystem of platforms in the Social Networking and Fintech sector, based on an Ethereum blockchain with more than 2 million active users. With such a massive active user base and heavy-load operations, the entire technical solutions required near perfect performance, along with uncompromising security and quality control.

Our involvement comes with a full ownership over the backend development of the core platform, allowing seamless integration and extension of multiple supplementing applications. Using a microservices architecture, the whole core platform is designed around scaling flexibility, allowing for rapid additions, extensions and changes throughout the products’ life-cycle, years after the initial technical design and core implementation

A social network experience

The core structure of the whole ecosystem. The huge user base is structured in a relationship model, which follows a complex requirement for managing, retrieving and mapping subsets of nodes, used in various functions of the whole ecosystem. Performance and stability is a key factor for the overall functioning of the business itself.

Fintech enabled

We delivered all needed functionalities and data structure to supplement blockchain operations in an Ethereum node, ensuring security, traceability, data integrity and high system performance.

As a core system, our solution is flexible enough to empower a range of independent applications, relying on a stable basis!

Javascript developer (full-stack)

Are you an experienced javascript developer, looking to join a flexible, fast-paced team of software developers? Meet hollso!

We are looking to meet our new colleague – a JavaScript developer (Junior/Mid), who has strong software development fundamentals and is eager to put this knowledge into action, with projects in the full spectrum of software development – backend, frontend development or both.

At Hollso we develop custom web applications, focusing on flexibility, building experience through education, mentoring and practice. We are a small team, relying on each other’s engagement, active participation and eagerness to learn.

We know that a software developer’s primary skill is to transform liquids into source code, so along with all educational tools and mentorship, you will have unlimited coffee (in a reasonable healthy quantities) and sometimes beer (in unhealthy quantities during our team buildings), to transform into a working, tested quality code!

Main responsibilities

  • Develop high quality, tested source code, following best practices and standards
  • Work in agile environment, based on the scrum methodology
  • Use git as a source control
  • Be friendly and have fun!


  • Practical experience building JavaScript applications. Professional experience of 1+ years will be a strong advantage.
  • Have solid knowledge of programming fundamentals (any modern language will do)
  • Have solid knowledge of Object Oriented Programming
  • Have good knowledge of algorithms and data structures
  • Have some experience writing unit-tests and refactoring smelly code
  • Have some knowledge in building or/and consuming REST services
  • Have some knowledge in web fundamentals (HTTP) as well as writing HTML/CSS

Bonus points

  • Experience with project-management tools (e.g Jira)
  • Knowledge of another programming language (c#, python)

Why no tech requirements like “1 year experience with React or Vue”? Because we are pretty sure you already have some experience with modern frameworks and because having a strong knowledge of the fundamentals, means it is just a matter of time and motivation to learn to use react/vue/express/nest/next and so on.

Depending on your background and interests, you would learn to use at least some of the following:

  • Frontend frameworks, such as React or Vue
  • Typescript
  • Node.js & Express.js
  • PostgreSQL with ORM
  • SQL

Sounds good? Send us an email with your CV at and we will get back to you!